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msg4162 (view) Author: ch Date: 2011-12-23.00:00:54
We believe that your issue has been closed by the upload of
Version 0.17.1 of grml-live from Christian Hofstaedtler <>.
The explanation is attached below

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.8
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2011 00:35:57 +0100
Source: grml-live
Binary: grml-live grml-live-db
Architecture: source all
Version: 0.17.1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Michael Prokop <>
Changed-By: Christian Hofstaedtler <>
 grml-live  - build system for creating a Grml (based) Linux live system
 grml-live-db - log package build information of grml-live to database
 grml-live (0.17.1) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Michael Prokop ]
   * [dfe1f07] grml-cheatcodes.txt: document vnc bootoptions
   * [88cfc40] grml-cheatcodes.txt: fix typo
   * [94cfb7b] generate sha1 checksum file of netboot package
   * [5bfdcec] Update docs to better match recent development
   * [8441a6a] GRMLBASE/44-grub: make sure directory /boot/grub exists.
     Thanks to Thomas Koehler for the bugreport
   [ Ulrich Dangel ]
   * [9b24866] grml-cheatcodes.txt: Add documentation about nostats bootoption
   * [b8db7a0] Add graphicoreBitmapFont0-Light.otf to grml-live.
   * [ccdff8a] Replace old desktop.jpg with new desktop-bg.png
   * [7c309e0] Update /etc/grml_version in GRMLBASE script instead of grml-live
   * [79a1183] Update wallpaper in fai scripts
   * [86f084d] Recommend imagemagick
   * [445e589] Remove the default quiet boot parameter for a verbose bootup.
   * [819fc49] Umount /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc before umounting /proc.
   * [8dbae90] Add additional resolution (1600x900) to grub.cfg.
   * [51e56e2] Replace 1440x1050 with 1400x1050
   * [d5596b5] Use gfxmode=auto instead of specifying manually resolutions
   * [6d72f5e] Support template filenames in grml-live.
   * [a9f099a] Introduce new config files for grub bootloader.
   * [d501c11] Add basic grml theme to grub
   * [9512656] Play sound after the grub menu is shown.
   * [1c3ff78] Try to load regexp in grub.cfg
   * [e138162] Ensure that the file used for replacing the template parameters is a file.
   * [9b2a50c] Print a message before loading kernel or initrd in grub
   * [f61863d] Add trailing whitespace to grub commandline
   * [6da554d] Add beep to templates/boot/isolinux/vesamenu.cfg
   * [b18889f] Build grub.img for loading grub from within syslinux
   [ Christian Hofstaedtler ]
   * [3f2b59d] Stop disabling KMS for radeon
   * [b89381a] Modernize Windows AutoRun templates
   * [f009115] Simplify GRML/index.html template
   * [ea794c5] Match startpage.html design to site
   * [9213b27] Tighten replacement operation for SNAPSHOT class
   * [f6e33fb] Ensure all passed paths are absolute
   * [a49d935] Internally, rename GRML_LIVE_LOCAL_CONFIG to LOCAL_CONFIG
   * [c2fac3a] Don't source grml-live.{conf,local} in scripts if not required
   * [436d892] Use premade LOGDIR var
   * [352c822] Make username replacement in inittab more robust
   * [ef51d0c] Expose (selected) config vars to fai scripts
   * [0a40a21] Make sure USERNAME doesn't leak in from ENV
   * [6e77809] Merge initramfs scripts
   * [a4703ee] Fix capitalization of project name in GRML/index.html
   * [b499e10] Update welcome splash ascii art
   * [0b584ff] Remove 'failsafe' boot option, which wasn't really failsafe
   * [24e7e2c] Remove comment about failsafe boot option
   * [39edd53] Enable fb for "graphical mode" boot option in isolinux
   * [fad3fb7] Remove grml-live-buildd package
   * [11baa33] Add -e option to unpack ISOs
   * [3abf943] Remove -T option
   * [4161d3c] Change -A option to not build chroot.tar.gz anymore
   * [ffc122b] Update version in grml-live during Debian package build
   * [62a1ab3] Don't suggest /dev/shm as a build location
   * [796f001] Make it clear that squashfs-tools from bpo is fine
   * [07dc676] Shorten, but don't totally rename kernel and initrd files
   * [8966263] Install netboot.cfg as pxelinux.cfg/default _file_
   * [4efbf69] Use sane paths for intermediate EFI files
   * [1684dab] Move squashfs into flavour-specific path
   * [ff80c12] Install "GRML" files into GRML/$GRML_NAME/
   * [8b88fe0] Revert accidental addition of fat to grub2 core.img
   * [f925961] Trim spaces off of default DISTRI_INFO
   * [b81f460] Remove unused grub background image
   * [ec0c871] Optimized all PNGs with "optipng"
   * [6673903] Rework EFI file copy/moving
   Software Changes:
   [ Michael Prokop ]
   * [4f44cb4] SW: add rinse to GRML_FULL
   * [fd94537] SW: replace iscsitarget with open-iscsi + targetcli in GRML_FULL
   * [5f895b3] SW: add python-urwid as depends next to targetcli in GRML_FULL
   * [e754942] SW: replace version specific linux-image-* packages in GRML_FULL with meta package.
     Thanks to Christian Hofstaedtler <> for his kernel packaging work
   [ Ulrich Dangel ]
   * [30c312b] SW: Add extundelete to GRML_FULL
   [ Christian Hofstaedtler ]
   * [985f29c] SW: add boot-info-script to GRML_FULL [Closes: issue1004]
   * [eafbf7e] SW: add vblade, aoetools to GRML_FULL [Closes: issue1092]
   * [4c6a7a9] SW: add firmware-linux-{free,nonfree} to GRML_FULL
   * [7765407] SW: remove explicit install of squashfs-lzma-tools
 3cde62bc295aad78e36a168c2a6850e36be7ae43 995 grml-live_0.17.1.dsc
 14b33e86ed6f6cb6a054e0003a3948d519cdaf92 516177 grml-live_0.17.1.tar.gz
 58b434984f8565540f70d32f399220c684bdf7da 541586 grml-live_0.17.1_all.deb
 3584f59969b7d5b08c48f6b6578b395badb99dd4 61814 grml-live-db_0.17.1_all.deb
 16d508b699ef21bda271c3b12a583f781d28c2903ffa57d6fad4378515c9a36b 995 grml-live_0.17.1.dsc
 a7fe0b67b5290343cfd7fb5e419874bdf2d22ad485f5dda1527acbf7170cbd3a 516177 grml-live_0.17.1.tar.gz
 a66234a08119208b921047224a244824a26747c1cb25e402b6e112ea20a52428 541586 grml-live_0.17.1_all.deb
 68a3df21d74aab43f200cadff1d151253cb0243c464efb62c75a4326ff2bc5ab 61814 grml-live-db_0.17.1_all.deb
 d278104fa8a025e1d84dbaa9493c712c 995 grml extra grml-live_0.17.1.dsc
 a4ea4ae0f9c59aec4a73758590357987 516177 grml extra grml-live_0.17.1.tar.gz
 a5cf23ed70a261e8957705b4b4500f50 541586 grml extra grml-live_0.17.1_all.deb
 0ca2d864db883f572a433dcadaeb3971 61814 grml extra grml-live-db_0.17.1_all.deb

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msg4108 (view) Author: ch Date: 2011-12-10.23:24:05
Missed this for rc1, but should make it into 2011.12 final.
msg4024 (view) Author: ch Date: 2011-11-07.11:06:07
boot-info-script is in Debian testing/sid. We have to delay this until after the 
package-list/flavour discussion. :-/
msg3978 (view) Author: ch Date: 2011-10-14.10:48:24
boot-info-script is in Debian NEW. Waiting for this.
msg3841 (view) Author: HansBKK Date: 2011-06-05.02:52:37
That was me, so don't count this as a +1 8-)

It's a great tool for diagnosing a very wide range of boot loader issues;
includes support for the more recent GRUBs coming along, regularly updated.

Currently included in Parted Magic (and thereby Ultimate Boot CD)

Not sure about whether SysRescCD has done so or not.
msg3840 (view) Author: ch Date: 2011-06-04.23:36:25
A user reported this privately:

> I highly recommend this be included with GRML.
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