Title startpage is an anachronism
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msg4128 (view) Author: ch Date: 2011-12-13.15:31:20
Yes, it's good enough for now.
msg4119 (view) Author: mika Date: 2011-12-12.11:20:24
Can we live with what we've now in rc1 for now?
msg4115 (view) Author: ch Date: 2011-12-11.02:31:09
ItÅ› a little bit better now. Just a little bit.
msg4112 (view) Author: ch Date: 2011-12-11.00:49:45
Also take a look at the grml-live templates for GRML, etc.
msg4111 (view) Author: ch Date: 2011-12-11.00:49:08
The current start page looks like shit and has lots of outdated info and the old 
slogan. FIX IT!
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