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Created on 2011-12-13.15:30:44 by ch, last changed 2012-01-11.11:54:48 by mika.

msg4217 (view) Author: mika Date: 2012-01-11.11:54:48
ACK, DCS + related tools in grml-autoconfig is used in production by users and
we should continue supporting it unless there's a really good reason to no
longer do that.

Closing this bugreport for now, further issues for feature removals should be
scheduled in a separate bug report.
msg4192 (view) Author: mru Date: 2012-01-02.10:47:19
Just for the record i think the flexibility executing scripts/unpacking config 
files during startup is really nice and powerful. I think we should keep the dcs 
stuff but split up grml-autoconfig for better maintainability.
msg4127 (view) Author: ch Date: 2011-12-13.15:30:44
What: DCS and tools in grml-autoconfig
When: After 2011.12 release
What: ...
When: ...
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