Title boot option 'persistent=nofiles' not working properly
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Created on 2011-12-25.08:33:32 by Hesmon, last changed 2012-01-09.16:01:04 by mika.

msg4209 (view) Author: mika Date: 2012-01-09.16:01:03
We believe that your issue has been closed by the upload of
Version 0.17.3 of grml-live from Michael Prokop <>.
The explanation is attached below

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.8
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2012 16:41:53 +0100
Source: grml-live
Binary: grml-live grml-live-db
Architecture: source all
Version: 0.17.3
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Michael Prokop <>
Changed-By: Michael Prokop <>
 grml-live  - build system for creating a Grml (based) Linux live system
 grml-live-db - log package build information of grml-live to database
 grml-live (0.17.3) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Ulrich Dangel ]
   * [d85f820] Export environment variables for submenues
   * [59228b5] Add additinal checks to make sure convert as well as the
     necessary files are present for creating the wallper
   * [ce5ae66] Remove small from grml-cheatcodes as it does not work with
     current versions
   * [46d7fb8] Add h to getopt list to support -h anywhere in parameter
   * [d116da3] Change default SUITE from squeeze to testing
   * [3930b11] Do not enable tmpfs /tmp as / is backed-up by tmpfs anyway.
   * [99831ce] Move cleanup of package list cache from GRMLBASE to RELEASE
   * [f92ebd9] Adjust RELEASE/98-clean-chroot to delete more files
   * [2fef0e3] Document brltty boot options
   * Software related changes:
     - [3f4262c] Add fsarchiver to GRML_FULL
     - [3c75346] Add hexedit to GRML_FULL [Closes: issue1119]
     - [5ba215c] Remove apt-listchanges and apt-listbugs from GRML_XL
     - [e87c5a0] Add lzop to GRML_FULL
   [ Michael Prokop ]
   * [a50de9f] Use isohybrid as default HYBRID_METHOD
   * [05a12f5] docs: use --no-install-recommends instead of dpkg option.
     Thanks to Evgeni Golov for the hint
   * [17c129d] Provide hint to user if netboot.cfg could not be found
   * [286b0d2] GRML_SMALL/98-clean-chroot: remove "set -x" not suited for release
   * Software related changes:
     - [74614d9] add wireshark to GRML_FULL [Closes: issue1115] Thanks to
       Frank Prochnow <> for the suggestion.
     - [feb84a9] add comgt to GRML_FULL. Thanks to Csillag Tamas for
       request on Grml mailing list
     - [b42c286] add ipmitool to GRML_FULL. Thanks to Csillag Tamas
       <> for bringing it up on the Grml mailing
     - [fb29a09] add firmware-qlogic to GRML_FULL. Thanks to Csillag
       Tamas <> for bringing it up on the Grml
       mailing list
     - [16e7576] enable grub-efi-amd64-bin/grub-efi-ia32-bin in GRMLBASE
       class [Closes: issue1124]
     - [533c998] Add IGNORE class blacklisting extundelete
   [ Christian Hofstaedtler ]
   * [766386e] Cheatcodes: clarify that vnc* doesn't work OOTB
   * [94ef7f9] Unconditionally reset resolv.conf in chroot
   * [2203377] Make /run work for softupdate
   * [895b6b6] Run apt-get update during softupdate
   * [fcc1672] Build netboot package checksum file with relative paths
   * [b9d53b2] Update instrunctions for installing on squeeze
   [ Alexander Wirt ]
   * GRML_SMALL related changes:
     - [b7f7e5a] Add EFI stuff to GRML_SMALL
     - [6225bfa] Remove worstest hacks from GRML_SMALL/98-clean-chroot
     - [5be4ea5] Don't purge locale
     - [8136c87] Use metapackages for kernel
     - [5138b63] efi stuff is now in GRMLBASE
 366f7440dcef438864718836302df2a9614ac046 995 grml-live_0.17.3.dsc
 98c7af7a9f783a96a801e7869a54ef4df8e51848 517078 grml-live_0.17.3.tar.gz
 a9a03a5ffae653743830eb32c36f979a2a551b1f 543118 grml-live_0.17.3_all.deb
 49131916308e540e5d7f47aa549942b45709f802 62886 grml-live-db_0.17.3_all.deb
 ceea3d9d6b6221cdd2ffe7489122f413a702b3cb8cabbe6c52469c12d7f9f42a 995 grml-live_0.17.3.dsc
 a31f9fef722152821338d3357a75713d2d509892fee322cb5e0bf8daaf3ca3a4 517078 grml-live_0.17.3.tar.gz
 a14686e8601745ec68b7629164a5d6423c3085f8c76dd507f2eba257f6fad4ce 543118 grml-live_0.17.3_all.deb
 d8581bf52167445f2bfa74b8433505d26120c51e9b06e4407b8f9e3dc38adc1c 62886 grml-live-db_0.17.3_all.deb
 62a3a2224ba1f8f2f94ea1b7bc9eb9bd 995 grml extra grml-live_0.17.3.dsc
 e1479a2037a19a7001a2e6c72247b36f 517078 grml extra grml-live_0.17.3.tar.gz
 1fb50b477070a2aaaade69e646a98d57 543118 grml extra grml-live_0.17.3_all.deb
 534b2b5e4132e9f2262839f8c747da55 62886 grml extra grml-live-db_0.17.3_all.deb

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msg4180 (view) Author: Hesmon Date: 2011-12-25.20:44:35
On the picture, the second option from the bottom: grml32 - Persistent mode

Find a detailed description here:

It adds the boot option: persistent=nofiles

This should activate the debian package 'live-boot' and mount the filesystem
labeled 'live-rw' instead of tmpfs to /live/cow

but it doesn't

so my suggestion was to use the parameter 'persistent' instead of
'persistent=nofiles' according to the 'live-boot' documentation to make it more
the '=nofiles' is optional anyway and should make the scan for the label a bit
faster, but it's useless to have a faster but non-working option.

if i delete the '=nofiles' from the commandline via <TAB> it works perfectly
msg4178 (view) Author: mru Date: 2011-12-25.15:59:01
I just checked in our repositories and booted grml, i can not find a boot-option specifying persistant.

Please have a look at
msg4174 (view) Author: Hesmon Date: 2011-12-25.08:33:32
i made a partition with ext3 and label live-rw as 3rd primary partition
if persistent boot-option from the menu is used (persistant=nofiles) tmpfs gets
mounted as /live/cow
if i manually change it to 'persistent' it works properly

suggestion: change the default option for persistent mode in the menu to
"persistent" for its the safer option anyway
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