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msg4451 (view) Author: evgeni Date: 2012-08-20.10:18:37

I think I have a working implementation of this at
There is a 64bit ISO for testing up at
Ignore the reverences to "KiVS" in there, that are just a couple of addon 
packages installed.

Changes are:
 * the bootparam changed from nostats to stats, and works the other way round 
now (only submit stats when booted with stats)
 * you now get a quickconfig promt that aks to submit the stats
 * you can call "grml-submitstats" at the shell

msg4410 (view) Author: mika Date: 2012-07-11.09:41:00
The stats feature (see
autoconfig/blob/master/autoconfig.functions#L1424 for the implementation) provided us 
some useful data about what people actually use.

Now it might be worth consideration to make this feature opt-in instead of the current 
opt-out (using the "nostats" boot option).

A nice idea came up on IRC:

| 10:31 < Guy-> make it an entry in the menu you display on successful boot
| 10:31 < Guy-> "submit anonymous boot report to grml developers"

Feedback and opinions as well as patches/implementation welcome. :)
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