Title mc on 4th console sluggish
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Created on 2014-07-01.13:10:21 by only4com, last changed 2017-05-19.14:57:45 by mika.

msg6199 (view) Author: mika Date: 2017-05-19.14:57:45
I don't see this behavior in Grml 2017.05-rc1/my daily build anymore, closing

Thanks for reporting,
msg4885 (view) Author: mika Date: 2014-11-18.11:52:14
Hm indeed, multitail reports tons of:

| mc: *** info
| mc: Warning: closing connection
| /usr/sbin/gpm[2220]: *** warning [daemon/processconn.c(133)]: 
| /usr/sbin/gpm[2220]: Failed gpm connect attempt by uid 1000 for vc /dev/tty0

in syslog if it gets start inside GNU screen on tty4, so this needs some
attention what's going wrong here.
msg4819 (view) Author: only4com Date: 2014-07-01.13:10:21
Folks, thank you very much for GRML.

I found today an issue in the last version 2014.03 (my first use of this version)

When I call mc from the 4. console the system becomes sluggish.

Using top I found:
- multitail running on a core at 100%
- rsyslogd running at ca 85%
- mc itself running at ca 65% and
- gpm at about 50%

This doesn't happen if I start mc on the first 3 consoles.

Terminating mc on the 4. console let multitail still running at 100% on a core, the others are gone.
The multitail process has to be killed.

Best regards
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