Title grml-hostname in a shell script
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msg6155 (view) Author: mika Date: 2017-03-25.16:33:11
FTR, Paul is talking about a hostname like ""

As replied in a personal mail:

the "_" shouldn't be used in hostnames as it might cause issues, see
RFC 952 -> - and "." serves to
delimit components of "domain style names". So grml-hostname is
rejected it nowadays to avoid issues during either invoking
`hostname` (which will complain then with your hostname, at least
nowadays and on Debian) or cause issues in production.
msg6119 (view) Author: cozypaul Date: 2017-02-16.07:23:44
I' using grml-hostname (grml 2014.11) in a shell script and a line like below 
causing errors:
grml-hostname $myhostname 
with grml 2010.04 it not a problem.

best regards

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