Title grml-debootstrap: support debconf preseeding
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Created on 2008-09-02.21:35:22 by mika, last changed 2008-11-25.16:08:41 by mika.

msg1662 (view) Author: mika Date: 2008-11-25.16:08:39
We believe that your issue has been closed by the upload of
Version 0.23 of grml-debootstrap from Michael Prokop <>.
The explanation is attached below

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.8
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2008 23:29:30 +0100
Source: grml-debootstrap
Binary: grml-debootstrap
Architecture: source all
Version: 0.23
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Michael Prokop <>
Changed-By: Michael Prokop <>
 grml-debootstrap - wrapper around debootstrap for installing plain Debian via grml
 grml-debootstrap (0.23) unstable; urgency=low
   The "hey, rocking - we get patches via git" release.
   * Improve look'n'feel of partition error dialog.
   * Improve documentation regarding installation of bootloader when
     using directories as installation target. Thanks Tong Sun!
     [Closes: issue539]
   * Copy /etc/debootstrap/[s]bin as well to the chroot if they are
     present. Suggestion by Tong Sun - thanks! [Closes: issue540]
   * Apply several patches by Tong Sun (thanks!):
     - allow symlinks when coping existing files to chroot.
     - pre-seed packages using /etc/debootstrap/debconf-selections
       [Closes: issue518]
     - support DEBOOTSTRAP_OPT for passing extra parameters to the
       debootstrap command
     - support KEEP_SRC_LIST to allow user to provide their
       own apt sources.list from /etc/debootstrap/etc/apt/sources.list
     - provide cmdline processing in separate script
     - added the '-d, --confdir=path' option
     - added "--nodebootstrap": Skip debootstrap, only do configuration
       to the target
     - add -v, --verbose: Increase verbosity
     - do not create stage file at finalize()
   * Edit /etc/network/interfaces as well if the file exists already,
     we definitely need at least a loopback interface.
   * Adjust postfix configuration:
     - modify hostname related options in /etc/postfix/
     - listen on loopback interface by default (thanks for suggestion, gebi)
   * Unify the --bootappend option, it's not --boot_append (thanks for
     the hint, Tong Sun).
   * Support execution of further scripts via options --scripts and
   * Drop locales from RECONFIGURE list (thanks for hint, Tong Sun).
     [Closes: issue560]
 81b9260ca3580d12ff75a2832aa3a78df5d2ff35 946 grml-debootstrap_0.23.dsc
 6d6466919938b105b86f30c5365feb5578cef0d8 132572 grml-debootstrap_0.23.tar.gz
 e3f3b902c2e39df72cf1a8fda43e1e2e022e6032 108592 grml-debootstrap_0.23_all.deb
 fc60b1931cff37e8224965aba189d4d9ab72fdb96c84718341d812218e25ec65 946 grml-debootstrap_0.23.dsc
 29d6a08aefdebbafff9ce191c7b26b726ec3162025970572367e34ac966060af 132572 grml-debootstrap_0.23.tar.gz
 551a32439402868fa0ae717ec75ed150cef301c604872db8d73a1943e79062c2 108592 grml-debootstrap_0.23_all.deb
 85b199027d9ec98e0ae76711e28ad51e 946 grml optional grml-debootstrap_0.23.dsc
 a1b51640f4d9cceb1950a8bc549235d7 132572 grml optional grml-debootstrap_0.23.tar.gz
 7e19f57f0324a0e1ce730cbf90422a80 108592 grml optional grml-debootstrap_0.23_all.deb

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msg1605 (view) Author: suntong Date: 2008-10-17.03:00:41
Done in v0.23
msg1563 (view) Author: suntong Date: 2008-10-05.18:05:05
repost mika's respond:

>    - if /etc/debootstrap/debconf-selections file exist, Pre-seed the chroot sys
> tem debconf database with it

> > > Again, I know this is only a quick-hack solution -- proper command
> > > line switch and proper var in /etc/debootstrap/config are needed to
> > > finalize the change.  I'll change again when we can decided on the proper
> > > command line switch and proper /etc/debootstrap/config var name.

> > How about DEBCONF_FILE variable and --debconf cmdline?

> Following the methodology of debootstrap/packages and PACKAGES:

> # install packages defined in /etc/debootstrap/packages?
> PACKAGES='yes'

> How about

> # preseed packages using /etc/debootstrap/debconf-selections?
> DEBCONF='yes'

ACK, that's fine.

> and we can discuss the proper name for "debconf-selections", which was
> named after debconf-get-selections & debconf-get-selections.

msg1463 (view) Author: mika Date: 2008-09-02.21:35:22
Provide the possibility to inject debconf settings. Maybe the same way as FAI 
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