Author mika
Recipients gebi, walter
Date 2008-07-26.11:31:07
Thanks for the report, walter. We are working on a new develrelease which will 
bring a fresh and updated kernel version. Hopefully your issue will be fixed 

Gebi: any further ideas regarding this issue from your side?

Regarding grml64-live: if you built that ISO on your own please rebuild the 
ISO, updated udev packages are in the grml repository available. If you are 
using a grml64 ISO from yes, some of them are broken right now, 
a package (opencryptoki) stopped the autobuild daemon from building fixed, 
fresh ISOs. I've uploaded a backport to the grml-live repository a few hours 
ago and rebuild all ISOs, they should be available within the next few hours.

thx && regards,
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