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Date 2010-10-26.21:51:25
Michael Prokop wrote:
>> (Note that I think we're shipping too many X11 window
>> managers, too.)
> ACK. Suggestions for removals? (fvwm-crystal is pretty high on my
> consider-for-removal nowadays.)

Well, actually, all the ones you can't use out of the box from the

I don't have the complete list right now. But last time I tried, awesome
on the live-cd was pretty damn near useless to me. (Don't get me wrong,
it's a nice piece of software when you had the time to configure it to
your taste. But the setup from our last release didn't make it useful at

fvwm-crystal should probably go, yes.

I'd need to check out most of the WMs again, to get a descent proposal
for removal. But the ones that struck me as usable where, fluxbox and
openbox (I think).

Regards, Frank
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