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Date 2010-11-08.12:28:32
Michael Prokop wrote:
> Keep:
> * fluxbox
> * fvwm2
> * openbox
> * wm-ng (is just a simple wrapper script to start fluxbox with gkrellm
> and desktop icons)


> Considered for removal:
> * dwm (would save 180kb)
> * evilwm (would save 94,2kb)
> * fvwm (would save 14,7MB)
> * fvwm2-crystal (would save 5104kb)
> * jwm (would save 299kb)
> * pekwm (would save 1253kb)
> * twm (would save 397kb)
> * w9wm (would save 127kb)

Apart from the fact, that fvwm == fvwm2 (which we briefly discussed on
IRC), I'd agree here, too.

> Further discuss keep/removal of:
> * awesome (would save 2785 + 446kb)
> * rapoison (would save 528kb)
> * wmii (would save 401kb)

Well. The only reason, I'd keep one of these is to have a tiling window
manager on board. And I'd definitely go for `awesome' here. The other
two should go.

> Additional decisions to make:
> * wm-ng as default instead of fluxbox?
> * which WM using as default for x-window-manager (wm-ng vs. fluxbox vs. 
> openbox)?

As Christian said, `grml-x' and `x-window-manager' should default to the
same window manager. And I'd agree that it should be `wm-ng' (in the
light of Mika refusing to merge `fluxbox' and `wm-ng' into one :)).

Regards, Frank
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