Title grml-x: reexec as user if run as root
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msg4279 (view) Author: BCable Date: 2012-01-17.00:19:55
To restrict sudo to only a few commands (I hate sudo), I have always been 
patching this file up to run as root instead of as the user.  Here, everything 
is hard coded to my user (brad) and my home directory (/home/brad), but it runs 
startx as my user after setting everything up as the root user.

Just an example of how this might work.  I've been using this style for years.
msg4263 (view) Author: mru Date: 2012-01-14.08:27:03
i like it. we could as an alternative copy /etc/skel to the root user.
msg4231 (view) Author: mika Date: 2012-01-11.14:45:48
Should we really su(1) grml-x as user grml if it's executed as root? I'm unsure
about this one, opinions?
msg4109 (view) Author: ch Date: 2011-12-10.23:59:10
We explicitly warn against running as root, and then we do nothing to help the 
user to actually do this.
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