Title grml 2013.2 freedos feature missing: complete stick as drive c:
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msg4765 (view) Author: jimmy Date: 2014-03-30.00:16:52

Just tested FreeDOS and had the same problem, but only on usb sticks and not on 
optical media. Turned out that the partition type has to be set correctly. Tried 
with "W95 FAT32 (LBA)" and "W95 FAT16 (LBA)". Both worked, so I had a C: drive.
After setting partition type back to "Linux" it stopped working (unknown drive).
So could you please test again?
msg4551 (view) Author: mika Date: 2013-03-25.11:23:57
Hm, this could be related to the (U)EFI/GPT layout we're using. I'm not sure how 
to solve this issue though. I've just forwarded this bug report to our beloved 
Thorsten Glaser who might have an idea how to solve this problem.
msg4544 (view) Author: olieske Date: 2013-03-22.09:02:25
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Hello dear grml team!

Congratulations for the new release.

Today I found a nice feature from the past missing in grml 2013.02

By the way, I'm using the 'full' version, booted from an usbstick.

Sometimes I use the FreeDOS to perform BIOS updates. I used an
additional folder on the stick to store the BIOS updater binaries.

So I just boot into freedos, change to drive C: and there I used to
find the complete stick. So I just navigated to the updater binary and
started it. BIOS update done.

In the new grml 2013.02 the sticks file system is not available as
drive C:
I'm not so familiar with DOS and I don't know how to mount the USB
storage device as drive C:.

So maybe you could reenable this "FreeDOS drive C: automount feature"?

Oliver Lieske
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