Title Addns -> Run Bootloader Grub2 fails
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Created on 2016-03-02.08:20:55 by bernhard, last changed 2016-03-02.08:20:55 by bernhard.

msg5831 (view) Author: bernhard Date: 2016-03-02.08:20:55
Dear Grml-Maintainers,

thanks for maintaining this Free Software rescue system!

I have noticed a defect:

In the need of running grub2 to boot a system from my harddisks
I did try the Addons -> Run Bootloader GRUB2

This fails for me for one machine in 2014.11 64bit full: 
Just hangs after the Loading line.
(Works for me on the other machine.)

Thus I've tried the grml64-small_sid downloaded 2016-03-01 which also fails.
Hanging after

"""Loading /boot/grub/grub.img... ok
Unknown command 'normal'.
E: Could not find root device!
error: no such dvice: /conf/bootid.txt.
Entering rescue mode...
grub rescue>

I am experiencing the hang with grml64-small_sid on three different machines ia64.

Best Regards,
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