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Date 2014-11-18.21:47:44
* Andras Korn wrote in grml's BTS on 20141118 / 22:03:

> If the same IP is present on more than one interface, ip-screen will list it
> several times, e.g.

> # ip-screen 
> | | | | |

> This takes up precious space in the status line.

Ah, indeed.

> It would also be nice to be able to exclude IPs from being printed at all
> (individually or by subnet), for example by way of an environment variable or
> command line option.

Hm, so you actually invoke ip-screen on the command line, or would
you adjust the GNU screen configuration as needed then? FTR,
ip-screen was mainly written for usage inside GNU screen and for
performance reasons written in C:;a=blob;f=compile/ip-screen.c;hb=HEAD

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