Title Incorrect numpad "." (decimal) behavior in X Environment
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Created on 2014-11-19.03:59:55 by lordkappa, last changed 2014-11-22.23:00:53 by lordkappa.

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msg4907 (view) Author: lordkappa Date: 2014-11-22.23:00:53
Sorry for the delay in response.

From Crunchbang Debian:
% xev 
Keycode = 129

% xmodmap -pke | grep 129
keycode 129 = KP_Decimal KP_Decimal KP_Decimal KP_Decimal KP_Decimal KP_Decimal
KP_Decimal KP_Decimal
msg4906 (view) Author: mika Date: 2014-11-21.08:13:36
Cool, thanks for verifying! Do you have the "xmodmap -pke | grep 129" output
available from a system where it's fine for you?
msg4905 (view) Author: lordkappa Date: 2014-11-21.04:22:17
Used xev to check keycode mapping. Key generated keycode 129.

% xmodmap -pke | grep 129
keycode 129 = KP_Decimal NoSymbol KP_Decimal NoSymbol KP_Decimal
msg4904 (view) Author: lordkappa Date: 2014-11-21.04:05:17
Tested on plain Debian 7.6.0, Crunchbang (Debian Base), as well as Linux Mint
Debian Edition. Unable to reproduce on any of these distributions.

Tested on second machine with a different keyboard; same issue. Swapped keyboard
with PS/2 one instead of usb, just to test; same issue.
msg4903 (view) Author: mika Date: 2014-11-20.10:03:10
Pfuh, possibly your numpad sends the wrong keycode then? Can you reproduce this
issue on a plain Debian system as well?
msg4900 (view) Author: lordkappa Date: 2014-11-19.03:59:55
+++Steps to Reproduce+++
Boot GRML from CD, start X from menu, open Xterm or iceweasel, Press Numpad "."
--Expected Result: "." (Period) is registered.
--Actual Result: "," (Comma) is registered.

When working in the X environment in any GRML edition while using a QWERTY
keyboard with US locale selected, pressing the Numpad "." (decimal) Key presents
a "," (Comma) instead of "." (Period). This issue is not present when working in
a 'Pure TTY' (Non-X) environment.

Tested on GRML.2014.11
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