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2375 yesterday The Power of TURMERIC unread ScienceNaturalSupplements  
2182 2 weeks ago grml-debootstrap with -t /media/sda1 puts /media/sda1 in /etc/fstab chatting ch  
2358 2 weeks ago ifup broken in grml64-testing build1892 2017-01-02 (likely caused by aoetools) unread ch  
2332 1 month ago package_config/GRMLBASE: firmware-ralink does not exist anymore unread sur5r  
2267 3 months ago zshrc prompt styling documentation unclear - sad-smiley hard to disable in-progress cmcaine ft
2220 3 months ago grml-full: Bug in package aoetools prevents successful ifup chatting sur5r  
2179 4 months ago en* network interfaces not recognised by netcardconfig chatting ch  
1568 7 months ago daily ISOs: network interfaces get IP via DHCP but missing nameserver entries in resolv.conf chatting mika  
2195 7 months ago Zsh: grmls /etc/zsh/zshrc broken, due to modul parameter loaded too late unread Xk2c  
2194 8 months ago [PATCH] zrcautoload() improved and ZSHified chatting Xk2c  
1332 10 months ago Cannot ping as non-root chatting grml.fksi  
2172 10 months ago /etc/init.d/screen-cleanup needs to run during boot unread korn mika
2171 10 months ago grml user needs to be member of input group unread korn mika
2170 10 months ago Addns -> Run Bootloader Grub2 fails unread bernhard  
1934 14 months ago Zsh: dirstack=() does not work as advertised chatting Xk2c ft
1938 14 months ago Zsh: fix for cd() chatting Xk2c ft
1939 15 months ago xf86OpenConsole: Cannot open virtual console 1 (Permission denied) chatting jkk  
1234 17 months ago dns bootoption is limited to 2 name servers chatting 6opo9a  
1352 20 months ago manually created grml96 USB drive fails to boot on EFI system due to grub misdetection of root device chatting blami  
1346 22 months ago memtest86+ fails to boot when EFI is enabled chatting jkirk  
1339 25 months ago partition table consistency unread gskillas  
1331 25 months ago grub-imageboot broken with grml64-full_2014.11 chatting wolput  
1330 26 months ago Incorrect numpad "." (decimal) behavior in X Environment need-eg lordkappa  
1311 26 months ago grml freezes while searching for its image need-eg jbaumann  
1310 26 months ago mc on 4th console sluggish chatting only4com  
1320 26 months ago grml-live: aptitude is missing since jessie, executing without DEBIAN_* class fails therefore chatting mika  
1323 26 months ago grml64-full_2014.10-rc1.iso: BOOTID does not match chatting wolput  
1314 29 months ago Instructions for generating a bootable usb stick on mac os x are wrong chatting dwt  
1246 34 months ago grml 2013.2 freedos feature missing: complete stick as drive c: chatting olieske  
1093 61 months ago grml-x: reexec as user if run as root need-eg ch  
2240 4 months ago drop sysfsutils from grml-debootstrap's package list unread mika mika
2180 9 months ago default sshd_config does not allow root login with password unread ch  
2168 10 months ago Shorturl for zshrc unread chaase  
1116 14 months ago website: provide system specific information for USB installation chatting mika  
1935 14 months ago Zsh: make location of .important_commands configurable unread Xk2c ft
1937 14 months ago Zsh: update for any() chatting Xk2c ft
1353 16 months ago grml2usb Fatal: installation on partition number >4 not supported. chatting ddio  
1590 17 months ago download signatures should be detatched GPG signatures in-progress brentsaner  
1349 18 months ago ethdevice - select by mac chatting tfheen  
1343 22 months ago Include 'concblock' and 'xconc' function from in grml zshrc chatting korn  
1335 25 months ago release name unread codejodler  
1336 25 months ago Add support for hardware random number generator unread jsl123  
1333 25 months ago grml zshrc used on Linux 3.2 (e.g. Wheezy) shows before each prompt "batterylinux:6: no such file or directory: /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/capacity" chatting abe  
1328 26 months ago Use a kernel with SMP support chatting estellnb  
1329 26 months ago Make ip-screen display each IP only once chatting korn  
1326 26 months ago more safe and handy default configuration need-eg estellnb  
235 26 months ago provide push mirroring needs-progress mika formorer
1078 33 months ago find solution for updating docs on grml website chatting mika  
1300 34 months ago 2014.03: grml2ram fails because of too less RAM despite there is plenty chatting whaid  
1076 34 months ago Merge grml2usb/grml-live /boot creation needs-progress ch  
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