List of issues

ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
1289 5 days ago grml-lock uses deprecated vlock tool chatting mika  
1280 3 weeks ago X not working under VMware ESXi 5.5 need-eg ato  
1248 7 months ago grml2usb: does not detect bootflag on second partition need-eg jkirk evgeni
1234 7 months ago dns bootoption is limited to 2 name servers chatting 6opo9a bionix
1246 3 weeks ago grml 2013.2 freedos feature missing: complete stick as drive c: chatting olieske  
910 5 months ago grml2usb: support persistent-subtext=... bootoption needs-progress mika  
1093 27 months ago grml-x: reexec as user if run as root need-eg ch  
1078 2 weeks ago find solution for updating docs on grml website chatting mika  
1300 3 weeks ago 2014.03: grml2ram fails because of too less RAM despite there is plenty chatting whaid  
1076 3 weeks ago Merge grml2usb/grml-live /boot creation needs-progress ch  
1298 4 weeks ago grml-live: provide option to build ISO with Debian packages from a specific date unread mika mika
814 4 months ago fix md5-file for daily-downloads chatting grulli  
978 5 months ago Move /etc/grml/{script,lsb}-functions from grml-etc-core to grml-shlib chatting carsten  
235 6 months ago provide push mirroring needs-progress mika formorer
1060 6 months ago Use lintian vendor profiles need-eg ch  
1194 7 months ago make stats feature opt-in chatting mika evgeni
1233 14 months ago clarify xorriso vs genisoimage unread mika mika
1215 18 months ago provide custom dpkg vendor information unread mika  
1077 21 months ago Merge wiki content into package docs / website chatting ch  
1116 22 months ago website: provide system specific information for USB installation chatting mika  
1015 27 months ago support systemd chatting bzed  
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