Title Add support for hardware random number generator
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msg6195 (view) Author: mika Date: 2017-05-19.14:40:30
Sorry for not responding earlier, but we'll ship rng-tools with our upcoming
stable release of Grml AKA 2017.05.

Thanks for the suggestion!
msg4920 (view) Author: jsl123 Date: 2014-12-15.10:07:46
It'd be nice if grml would at least feature a entropy gathering daemon to
support hardware randon number generators.

I believe its clear how import *real* random numbers are i.e. in using encrypted
fs and/or key generation for gnupg and/or ssh.

I've found that the inclusion of "rng-tools" is almost a snatch and doesn't take
lots of space...

For a low-cost good entropy gathering device, have a look at "gniibe neug"
[ ]

Thank you all very much for grml.
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