Title grml-full: Bug in package aoetools prevents successful ifup
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Created on 2016-08-14.15:55:17 by sur5r, last changed 2017-01-27.13:35:17 by mika.

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msg6068 (view) Author: mika Date: 2017-01-27.13:35:16
Sorry for not providing any feedback/action here, IIRC we discussed this on IRC.
AFAICT this issue no longer exists with the aoetools 36-2 upload, so I'm closing
this issue now.

Thanks for the bug report and the patches!

msg5913 (view) Author: sur5r Date: 2016-09-27.11:41:42
Adding kmod to runlevel S via the attached patch solves the module loading issue.
msg5893 (view) Author: sur5r Date: 2016-09-03.21:59:40
The attached FAI scripts solves the symlink issue but the module does not get
loaded. Running "/etc/init.d/kmod start" manually loads it.

What's the correct way to force-load the module early on boot?
msg5888 (view) Author: sur5r Date: 2016-08-14.15:55:17
After locally patching Issue 2219, i stumbled acrosss the following:

This prevents ifup from exiting successfully which again makes netcardconfig

Fixing the symlink manually by itself does not help, though:
aoe-discover expects the aoe kernel module to be loaded.

The package does that using /usr/lib/modules-load.d/aoetools.conf which has no
on a grml system as grml does not (yet?) use systemd-modules-load.
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