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Tesla joins the fight to lower electricity costs
USA Today - Sept. 14 2016

Elon Musk just announced a device that will help you reduce your house's electric consumption to pennies.

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See how it works - Your Electric bill will be 0

SINCE the announcement of the Tesla battery, enthusiasts and sceptics have had a chance to chew over the figures and claims. The consensus seems to be that it matches anything we�ve got and may be better. The sceptics argue that at a cost of , it is a very expensive way of storing a few � worth of electricity. Another sceptic, who also manufactures lithium-ion batteries, says electricity is cheap and putting cheap electricity into a Tesla battery is like keeping potatoes in a safe. The enthusiasts say they are shocked by the low cost of the battery and that they had expected it to cost two or three times as much. Where the Tesla battery scores is its small size, its 10-year (and another 10 years on extended ) and that it requires virtually no maintenance. There is no reason to rush out and buy solar panels, a Tesla battery and plan a life of off-grid living yet. But something very important has happened. The cost of battery storage has been coming down steadily and the prediction
  was that by 2020 it would be viable. Tesla got there five years ahead of the field and this lead will give it huge commercial advantages. It is a credible product with major US companies such as Amazon and Target already using the batteries.

Please have me removed here
<>304 S. Jones Blvd Suite 466
Las Vegas, NV 89107

Apple, Google and retail giant Walmart have invested heavily in solar power and the Tesla battery will add value to the panels on their roofs � which makes investment sense to them. The secondary effect will be a huge boost for the solar-panel industry, and we can expect competition that will produce more efficient panels and better prices. That, in turn, will increase the demand for batteries. And the batteries will get better and cheaper too. Lithium-ion technology can also expect plenty of competition for there is a great deal of research on ""flow batteries&quot;. They use various liquid electrolytes and, while they may not pack the punch of the lithium-ion battery, they have other advantages such as cost and long life. They will be rather bulky, but that will not be a problem for wind and solar farms and some industrial users. There are also sea-salt batteries, molten-salt batteries and many other types in development. Some of them will be successful and will find their place 
 in our electrified world. Fuel cells will also definitely be part of our energy future. What the Tesla battery has done is prove the viability of battery storage and blaze a path for others to follow. It will add new urgency to research work and you can bet that deadlines and efficiency goals are already being revised.
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