Title toram=foo.squashfs fails misleading if file not found
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Created on 2009-08-11.09:54:27 by zugschlus, last changed 2010-02-28.00:17:15 by mika.

msg3052 (view) Author: mika Date: 2010-02-28.00:17:15
Ok, implemented in current live-initramfs:

I think this resolves your issue, further improvements with regards to error 
messages will hopefully take place in reimplementation of live-initramfs 2.x.
msg2427 (view) Author: mika Date: 2009-08-11.09:56:31
ACK, though I don't want to implement any code in live-initramfs until I know 
what's happening with redesign of upstream.

msg2426 (view) Author: zugschlus Date: 2009-08-11.09:54:25

if one tries to start grml toram=foo.squashfs with a wrong file name, a number
of error messages appear that lead more to "grml image b0rken" instead of "user
error, fix filename".

I'd appreciate if the toram mechanism would give a more helpful error message
such as "file foo.squashfs not found".

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