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Date 2010-11-21.10:58:39
greg wrote:
> If the motivation for removal of window managers is size then it's
> incongruent to remove the lightest such as ratpoison and evilwm.

For the record: for me it's the number of wms, that should be reduced,
because there's not much point for a *livecd* to provide such diversity
when the most frequent use is disaster recovery.

> If the motivation is utility again it's incongruent to remove
> ratpoison : anyone who can use gnu screen (i.e. the grml target user
> base) can use ratpoison (^a --> ^t).  If the motivation is _you_ (a)
> can't use it, (b) can't click a mouse button and have a menu display
> itself, please type "man windowmanager" before starting it.

I know damn well how ratpoison works. And I know damn well how to access
documentation on a unixoid operating system. Thankyouverymuch.

If you look at my initial message, I clearly stated that the default
behaviour didn't work for me at all. And I asserted, that this might be
due to the fact that I tryed the WMs in a virtual machine rather than
really booting my laptop from the live cd.

Also, what I wrote in msg3411 is clearly my personal point of view. For
which I've been *asked*, to get the ball going. I do believe that having
four of five window managers on board is enough for a live cd like
grml. And I stated which I think those should be. And if ratpoison would
be among those in the end, then fine. I wouldn't care, because I usually
don't even bother to start X when I'm using grml.

Regards, Frank
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