Author mika
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Date 2010-12-14.10:38:04
Ok, thanks for all your input!

IMHO we *should* clean and simplify up our software selection, given the fact 
that our grml-full 64bit ISO has more than 700MB which is a release-stopper as 
well. Something like 10 window managers *are* way too much, given that only few 
of them are even properly configured.

So what I consider for the upcoming stable release is:

Remove (so no longer ship):

* dwm dwm-tools                                                                 
* evilwm
* fvwm*
* jwm
* pekwm
* ratpoison ratmenu
* twm
* w9wm

What stays:

* awesome
* fluxbox [wm-ng]
* openbox
* wmii

If anyone thinks this is not acceptable: please stand up and argument. :)

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