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Date 2014-12-08.15:14:13
Hi there.

I am using grml for testing purposes on many different servers, I am using the standard ISO with your netboot files, in addition only a little netscript for mounting nfs shares. With current version "2014.11" I recognized that all Supermicro boards with onboard VGA "Matrox G200eW" fail to boot completely. On local monitor I can only see "populating dev", nothing else, not possible to switch terminals.

But remote connection with ssh is still working then. So I find error messages with dmesg and syslog:


[   39.700307] checking generic (f9000000 180000) vs hw (f9000000 1000000)
[   39.700310] fb: switching to mgag200drmfb from simple
[   39.700335] Console: switching to colour dummy device 80x25
[   39.700590] [drm:mga_vram_init] *ERROR* can't reserve VRAM
[   39.700592] mgag200 0000:07:04.0: Fatal error during GPU init: -6

Sorry for my incomplete, unprofessional bug report, I am not a developer or something like that...

If you need any further information please let me know.

Thank you for GRML!


Martin Panny
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