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Date 2016-05-08.13:26:31
Hello hopefully-not-so-grml-today folks,   ;)

i was looking at zrcautoload() and the various cases where it would be used.
When i came down to where run-help is initialised i thought it would be better
to not hardcode functions names and was looking for a general solution for that.
After having found that in the fine manual (actually several hours later....) it
occured that zrcautoload() itself could be improved.
And so here you go:

* MOD: zrcautoload()
       * make it multi argument aware
         returns 0 when all PARAMETERS had been autoloaded
         returns 1 when at least one PARAMETER could not be found for autoloading
         returns 2 when autoload itself had some problem
       * ZSHified, i.e. use globbing instead of looping
* MOD: with the modified zrcautoload() from above a few use cases could be optimized
* FIX: zrcautozle() drop superflous variable 'fnc'
* FIX: run-help, do not hardcode function names, there were allready some missing
       instead use what is avail on system

As usual i tried hard not to introduce regressions.
Actually i left some debuiing echos in the code.
This should make it easier for you to review and in case to trace down a problem.

kind regards,

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