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> To disable the sad smiley that appears when a command fails with the default
> zshrc, you need to run these two commands:
> zstyle ':prompt:grml:right:setup' use-rprompt false
> zstyle ':prompt:grml:right:setup' items ''

No, that's not quite right. You only need the second. And to be precise,
that's a list style, so setting it to the empty list would be correct.

  zstyle ':prompt:grml:right:setup' items

However, I can see how use-rprompt may have confused you. Its name is
probably a better description of what it does, than is the documentation
in the prompts help text: If it is on (which is the default), then the
prompt code is allowed to use the rprompt variables. If it is off, it
is not. And it will not. It won't unset the prompt either. It leaves
control over these parameter to the user. So a second way to get rid
of the sad smiley would be this:

  zstyle ':prompt:grml:right:setup' use-rprompt false

Documentation could be better. I will see if I can take a look at it
during the day.
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