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> No, that's not quite right. You only need the second. And to be precise,
> that's a list style, so setting it to the empty list would be correct.
> Thus:
>   zstyle ':prompt:grml:right:setup' items

That, and my setting items to '' both seem to work now and I can't
reproduce the problem I thought I was having there with needing to set both
styles. I must have got confused when I was testing last time.

Thanks for correcting me about lists and sorry for the dodgy bug report - I
should have tested more thoroughly :)

> However, I can see how use-rprompt may have confused you. Its name is
> probably a better description of what it does, than is the documentation
> in the prompts help text: If it is on (which is the default), then the
> prompt code is allowed to use the rprompt variables. If it is off, it
> is not. And it will not. It won't unset the prompt either. It leaves
> control over these parameter to the user. So a second way to get rid
> of the sad smiley would be this:
>   zstyle ':prompt:grml:right:setup' use-rprompt false
>   RPS1=''
> Documentation could be better. I will see if I can take a look at it
> during the day.

Thanks for the clarification.
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